Hulk Hogan Recalls Andre The Giant’s Insane Drinking Abilities

Hulk Hogan & Andre The Giant

Could Crown Royal been the catalyst for the WrestleMania 3 classic between Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, brother?

Speaking with the “Full Send Podcast,” Hogan reflected back on that much-talked about bout between him and the late-great Hall of Famer. Hogan said the night before their main event match, the red and yellow was still uncertain if he’d be running wild with the WWE Title when it was all said and done and recalled Andre drinking a hefty amount of booze.

“I asked Vince. I said, ‘You know here we are the night before, what are we doing tomorrow?’ Vince goes, ‘I don’t know […] I’m sure Andre will do the right thing.’ Vince wanted me to sit in the dressing room with Andre just to try to, like, make things cool, you know. I got to the building at noon and I sat next to Andre and I watched him drink three-fifths of Crown Royal.”

Hulk Hogan Has His Own Legend Of Booze, Brother

As Hogan watched in awe at Andre downing some Crown, Hulkster happened to get a response from the legend regarding their WrestleMania 3 fight. He simply told Hogan, “Don’t worry.”

While Andre The Giant had the natural ability to hide a full beer can in the palm of his hand, Hogan supposedly had plenty on tap in his WCW days. According to Kevin Nash on the “Kliq This” Podcast, Hogan was notorious to have a garbage can full of ice cold beers in his locker room every week for TV tapings.