Hulk Hogan On Acquiring Name Rights From Marvel After Huge Mistake

Hulk Hogan WWE World Title

Hulkamania is “running wild” solely under Hulk Hogan.

Hogan was recently on The Weekend After with Theo Von and gave the comedian all the details as to how he became the sole owner to the trademarks “Hulk Hogan,” “Hulkamania” and “The Hulkster.” It all started when he was working for Vince McMahon Sr., not Vince Jr.

“He goes, ‘I want you to be Hulk Hogan.’ ‘What does Hulk Hogan mean?’ ‘Ivan Putski for the Polish Americans, Bruno Sammartino for the Italian Americans, Chief Jay Strongbow for the Native Americans, and Hulk Hogan for the Irish Americans.’ Vince gave me the name. Vince Sr dies, Vince Jr takes over. Right when Hulk Hogan takes off, we get a call from Marvel Comics. ‘You’re infringing on our mark. Reasonably similar. We’re going to sue you, put you in litigation.’ We let them have the name, didn’t license the name. I only had to pay them one-tenth of 1%. That went from 1985 to 2005.”

Hulk Hogan Haggled With Marvel Comics Over Name

Hogan said that once the deal with Marvel expired in 2005, he was happening to be on a memorable run with WWE. He went to his attorney and got a one-year extension to use the name.

However, according to Hogan, he had to pay Marvel 30% of any income he made while using the name, but with the stipulation that if they ever made the move to sell the property, they had to give Terry Bollea first shot at it. Hogan recounted the time when Marvel slipped up in an argument with WWE.

“All of a sudden, Marvel Comics gets in a bitchfest with WWE about intellectual properties, that they can’t re-air old Hulk Hogan matches. Marvel Comics lost. They owe Vince $35 million. They made a huge mistake. They said, ‘Instead of paying $35 million, how about we give you the Hulk Hogan name.’ I heard about it and went, ‘You screwed up now.’ Now, I don’t have to pay $35 million for the name, you have to sell it for me for fair money value,’ which is only $750 grand. I bought the name back. Vince wanted to buy the name from me. ‘Nah, I got this one.’ I bought the name back and I own everything.”

Although WWE doesn’t own the name, they still have a business relationship with one another. Fans saw him return to television with Jimmy Hart back in January with WWE Raw Is XXX.

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