Hulk Hogan Health Update Following Kurt Angle’s Claim He Couldn’t Feel His Legs

Kurt Angle Hulk Hogan

A representative of wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has dismissed claims that he is in poor health, responding to comments made by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle on the Kurt Angle Show last week.

Angle claimed that Hogan had undergone back surgery, which left him unable to feel his legs and needing to use a cane to walk.

“Hogan had back surgery again. He had the nerves cut from his lower body, he can’t feel his lower body. So, he has to use his cane to walk around. I thought he was using the cane because he has pain in his back. He doesn’t have any pain, he has nothing at all. He can’t feel anything. So, now he can’t feel his legs so he has to walk with a cane which is, you know, that’s pretty serious. I mean, I really feel for Hogan. He put his heart and soul into the business and it ate him up. “

Is Hulk Hogan In Poor Health?

Hulk Hogan’s representative has denied Kurt Angle’s claims that he is in poor health, stating that Hogan is in good health and does not need to use a cane at all. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Hulk Hogan’s representative said:

“Everything is OK with him. Hulk is someone with a lot of humor.”

This statement was further supported by the fact that Hulk Hogan appeared on RAW’s blockbuster 30th-anniversary show last week, where he was able to walk without assistance when he and Jimmy Hart kicked off the episode and welcomed everyone to the celebration.

Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan have an interesting history in the ring, having feuded during Hogan’s celebrated WWE comeback run in 2002. The two squared off in a one-on-one bout at King Of The Ring 2002, a match famous because it was the first time Hogan had lost cleanly via submission in his WWE career:

Hogan has been seen out in public since Angle’s claims, having recently shared a photo of himself at Hogan’s Hangout in Clearwater Beach, where he was attending karaoke night. Hogan is clearly standing unaided by a cane in the photo, and evidently in good spirits based on the photo’s caption, which read “We’re getting this party started”.