Hulk Hogan Desperately Needs Some Toilet Paper… No, Really

Hulk Hogan

Fresh off the back of being greeted by cheers on the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw Hulk Hogan was flying high. However, the star was quickly brought back down to earth.

The phrases “professional wrestler” and “bizarre tweets” are far from strangers, but even so, Hulk Hogan’s use of technology has again got him into trouble.

The internet is littered with jokes about older generations publicly tweeting out private messages, and now Hogan can add himself to that list. On January 25th, Hogan sent out a tweet requesting toilet paper, he followed that up with another message that simply said “help.” While the tweets were quickly deleted, fans and anyone who sat near Hogan shortly after the concerning posts were published, can only hope that he got the assistance required. Brother.

Hulk Hogan Recently Made WWE Return

Hulk Hogan returned to WWE on the January 23rd episode of Monday Night Raw to celebrate the show’s 30th anniversary. It was the first time that Hogan had appeared on WWE television since hosting WrestleMania 37 in 2021. On that occasion, he was loudly booed by the WWE faithful every time he appeared for a segment.

On Raw, Hogan opened the show, and not even a faulty microphone could stop him from delivering his signature catchphrases, this time to loud cheers.

Elsewhere on Raw, there were appearances from the likes of Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, D-X, and The Undertaker. On the night The Deadman returned as the American Badass, complete with Kid Rock theme music and motorbike. ‘Taker featured in a segment with LA Knight and Bray Wyatt, with the interaction being praised as a ‘passing of the torch’ between Wyatt and Undertaker.

Posting on social media after the show Wyatt said that it was a moment that “justified a lifetime of sacrifices.”