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Sami Zayn Re-Signs With WWE

Sami Zayn

A new report has given an update on the WWE future of former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn.

In December it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Sami Zayn had re-signed with WWE. The report noted that there was “locker room talk” that Zayn had chosen to extend his stay with the company, although there hadn’t been any confirmation.

This news has now been backed up by a further report from Fightful Select, which confirms that Zayn has indeed signed a new contract. The exact length of the extension is unknown, but the former Intercontinental Champion is said to be locked down for “several more years.”

The report adds that prior to Ring of Honor going on hiatus, people within the company said they would have held an interest signing in their former star. AEW talent also made the same comment. However, there was no word on the feelings of AEW officials, as they refuse to talk about talent under contract.

Back in December, Zayn’s best friend Kevin Owens also put pen to paper on a new deal. It had been reported that both contracts were going to be up at around the same time. In contrast to Zayn, it was noted that Owens’ new agreement is worth between two and three million dollars.

In recent weeks Zayn has found himself crossing paths with Jackass star Johnny Knoxville.

On the January 7th episode of SmackDown, Knoxville appeared backstage bumping into self-appointed locker room leader Sami Zayn. The former Intercontinental Champion dismissed Knoxville, saying that he wasn’t qualified to be in the match, as he had no wrestling skills. It was a comment that would come back to bite Zayn surprisingly quickly.

Back in the ring, Zayn was set to take on Rick Boogs. In the end, Zayn couldn’t live with his powerful opponent was ultimately defeated. But the bigger story was still to come.

With Zayn stood with his back to the entrance ramp, on the far side of the ring, Johnny Knoxville ran in and tipped him over the top rope. It was then announced that Knoxville had now qualified for the Royal Rumble match.