Huge Stipulation Added To Jay White Vs. Eddie Kingston Bout At NJPW Battle In The Valley

Eddie Kingston Jay White Battle in the Valley

Eddie Kingston and Jay White have raised the stakes for their upcoming match at NJPW Battle in the Valley.

Speculation about Jay White‘s future has been running rampant since he lost a Loser Leaves Japan match against Hikuleo at The New Beginning in Osaka. According to recent reports, the star is interested in moving to the United States, and WWE has shown interest in signing him.

Both White and Kingston appeared on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, where their verbal sparring led them to agree to the stipulation that the loser of their bout can never work in NJPW again.

Eddie Kingston started the spat, asking White to agree to leave NJPW for good if Kingston was able to prevail over the former champion.

“How about we just finish it? If I beat that a**, which I will, if I beat a former IWGP Champion, and you’re supposedly putting me on the map, right? How about you never wrestle for New Japan again? When I beat you, you never wrestle for New Japan again.”

Jay White responded, adding that Kingston should also adhere to the stipulation if he suffers a defeat. However, White added an asterisks to his statement, saying that Kingston would be allowed to return to New Japan only with express permission from Switchblade himself.

“I see what you’re putting out and you know Eddie, I don’t have much else left to lose other than that. I’m all about making the stakes higher because nobody performs under pressure like myself. So, you know what, Eddie? That sounds just great to me but I’m going to need you to put up something as well. So, how about I’ll agree to that if you, Eddie, you agree to do the same. When I beat you, teach you your lesson and give you your moment, you can never compete in a New Japan ring or against or with any New Japan talent ever again.

“And how about we put in a little fine print in that? You can do that on one condition, you have to come and get permission from me.”

Kingston agreed, and told White not to come to AEW when he was forced to leave New Japan forever.

“It’s a deal. Let’s do it, dog, I got no fear. And let me tell you something, though, when you’re done with New Japan, don’t come to AEW. I’m telling you that right now cause you’re not one of the favorites, you’re not one of the pillars, so that means you’re going to be stuck with me and I’m going to beat that a** there too, so do not come to AEW.”

NJPW Battle In The Valley Features Multiple Title Matches And In-Ring Debut Of Mercedes Mone

Another blockbuster match set for the show on February 18th will see Mercedes Mone challenge KAIRI for the IWGP Women’s Championship. Shortly after KAIRI successfully defended her title at Wrestle Kingdom 17, the former Sasha Banks made her return to professional wrestling since walking out of WWE alongside her tag team partner Naomi back in May, issuing a challenge to the champion.

Shortly after the bout between the two women was confirmed, the show quickly sold out.

The full lineup for Battle in the Valley is as follows:

  • IWGP Women’s Championship: KAIRI (c) vs. Mercedes Mone
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship:Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: Fred Rosser (c) vs. KENTA
  • NJPW Strong Tag Team Championship: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. World Class Wrecking Crew
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs. Clark Connors
  • Loser Leaves NJPW: Eddie Kingston vs. Jay White
  • Filthy Rules: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Homicide
  • Mascara Dorada, Josh Alexander, Adrian Quest, and Rocky Romero vs. KUSHIDA, Kevin Knight, Volador Jr., and The DKC

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