Huge Negative Shift In Morale Following Vince McMahon’s Return – “The Place Felt Nuked”

WWE Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was reportedly heavily involved in creative for the April 3rd episode of Monday Night Raw.

The ‘Raw after WrestleMania’ is always seen as one of the biggest non-Premium Live Event shows of the year. In the past, the episode has been home to numerous debuts, returns, and NXT call-ups. However, some fans felt short-changed with only Matt Riddle returning to action and the show felt flat.

This was followed by reports that Vince McMahon was running the show, rather than Triple H, although he was also heavily involved.

One of these reports from Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that a number of rewrites were ordered just 15-20 minutes before the show went on the air. These didn’t “feel” like the kind of changes that Triple H would usually make. The changes continued while the show was live, and they came directly from McMahon.

Although McMahon claimed he wouldn’t be “in the weeds” earlier in the day, there was “no doubt” that he was “firmly back in control.” The report added that the Executive Chairman got more and more involved as the show went on.

Among talents that spoke with Johnson, there was a “huge negative shift in morale” as they realised things were returning to how they were before McMahon ‘retired’ in July. One source noted that “the place felt nuked,” although others didn’t go that far.

The prevailing feeling was that going forward McMahon would be back overseeing everything.

It should be noted that other talents were less concerned and wanted to see whether McMahon’s involvement became a regular thing before forming conclusions.

Vince McMahon Claims He’s Owned Up To His Mistakes

Vince McMahon announced his retirement from WWE back in July 2022, while surrounded by allegations of sexual misconduct.

It was alleged that McMahon made a series of “hush money” payments to multiple women to suppress the claims. Among the allegations were claims that McMahon paid a former wrestler $7.5 million after she said that he had coerced her into giving him oral sex.

Speaking following the merger between WWE and UFC, McMahon stated that while he had made mistakes, he had “owned up” and “moved on.”