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How The ‘NXT’ Name Was Swapped For WrestleMania Tickets


On this week’s Wrestling Daft podcast, the incredible tale of how the “NXT” name was sold for WrestleMania tickets was revealed. Insane Championship Wrestling‘s Coach Trip, AKA Adam Shame, revealed how Scottish promotion SWA – the Scottish Wrestling Alliance – actually owned the domain for NXT and had a copyright on the term, before revealing how WWE would acquire it from them.

One of the hosts of the show, former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado, would joke, “The reason why NXT is live and well today, and making careers, is because of Adam Shame” before Coach Trip told his side of the story and how the Scottish NXT came about in the first place.

“Right, so, we were kind of wanting to branch out SWA, the numbers were going up, we decided we wanted to do an over 18s kind of product – which we were going to call After Hours – but we also wanted a development product that, I know it sounds very similar, we wanted guys training in the training centre to have an opportunity to have matches in front of a smaller crowd and break them in before go the main shows.

“We were all training on a Sunday, the place was packed with all of us, we’re brainstorming and Con’s [Conscience, AKA Peter Murphy] is like that, ‘I kind of like NWA TNA, so I’m wouldn’t mind something like that.’ I turned round to him and I goes, ‘Well, want do you want to call it?’ He goes, ‘Well, it’s the next generation.’ I said, ‘What about SWA NXT?’ We were like, ‘Right, OK. That sounds magic.’ I kind of took that baby, I took that on, and we very quickly dropped the SWA bit was because it was too much like NWA TNA in a way,
we had to shorten it just running it as the Scottish Wrestling Alliance’s NXT.”

Shame would go on to say how the promotion would be incredibly successful, getting 400 people in the building for trainee shows in the small town of Johnstone – before revealing how WWE would end up having to approach them regarding the name.

“They [WWE] come up with an idea and press release it, but press release it without putting the three letters into Google. I think, once they press-released it, it was very quickly, there were so many phone calls and everything firing about because we had a copyright on it. We had a copyright… There was intellectual copyright on it and I think it was the domain, the domain was the biggie because, if you typed in ‘NXT wrestling’, it was us you got. I think that was, for Vince, that was the biggie, that’s what he wanted. He wanted that Google search. “

Grado’s co-host on Wrestling Daft, hugely popular Scottish actor Robert Florence, joked, “How much did he pay you, half a million?” Before Grado said, “You got a good holiday out of it.” Adam Shame revealed how he didn’t get a holiday, and it was in fact “Damo” – WWE Superstar Killian Dain – who did.

“The rights to NXT, as far as I know, got sold for WrestleMania tickets. As far as I know. I didn’t get one! I was in the house. We got John Laurinaitis coming to the training centre and stuff and watched our training matches, and Johnny Ace was in there. He pulled up in a limo. I didn’t get anything out of it other than he stole my move [Shame Over] and gave it to the Miz. Great deal for me, eh?”

Wrestling Daft’s interview with Coach Trip, AKA Adam Shame, is available via the Wrestling Daft Patreon, and will be on this week’s upcoming episode.