How Much Is Kevin Owens’ New WWE Contract Worth?

Kevin Owens

A new report has shed light on the details surrounding Kevin Owens’ new WWE contract and the sums of money the star is destined to earn.

Kevin Owens’ future has been uncertain for months now, but according to Fightful Select, WWE made an “excellent offer” to the Prizefighter in order to retain his services that Owens has agreed to. The report adds that sources said the company was “over the moon” that Owens would be staying.

An additional statement within the report confirms that it was believed by many within AEW that the company wouldn’t realistically match what WWE would offer – but that would merely be speculation on the part of individuals while Owens was still under contract.

Now Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio has sought to inform people just how much WWE has offered the former WWE Universal Champion and it’s a pretty penny:

“He signed a three-year deal with WWE. Actually, I believe it was a couple of weeks ago when this happened. I’m sure they’ll be more tomorrow on it, but it’s a very good money deal.”

“I think the feeling is that it was a better deal than he could get in AEW. It’s in the 2 to 3 million, in that range.”

Kevin Owens will look to get his 2022 off to a flying start when he competes for the WWE Championship in a Fatal Four-Way match at Day One.