How Does WWE Really Feel About Seth Rollins’ Movie Career?

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins stands on the brink of becoming World Champion for the first time since 2019, but speculation has been swirling that he could miss out on the gold.

Ever since the creation of the World Heavyweight Championship was announced, Rollins has been seen as a nailed-on favourite to become the first champion. This feeling only increased when he won his way into the finals of the tournament. While the star will face AJ Styles in the finals, many find it hard to see Rollins not emerging as champion given that he’s arguably more popular now than he has ever been.

However, in recent days reports emerged that there was some hesitancy within WWE about making the star World Champion. This reportedly stemmed from Rollins’ upcoming appearance in Captain America: New World Order. Filming for the project is why the star has missed the last two episodes of Raw. Although a later report attempted to clarify this by noting that WWE’s hesitancy would only become an issue if outside projects continued to be a huge factor in the future.

A new report via Fightful Select has now offered a further update, noting that WWE higher-ups “vehemently denied” the speculation. This person added:

“I’m not saying who is going to win this weekend, but the idea that this is anything but a positive is an unrealistic way of thinking. I can’t speak to how those in charge a year ago would have felt, but now it’s seen as a positive, especially with Endeavor aboard.

It also wasn’t a surprise. Colby (Lopez, Seth Rollins) is an exceptional talent and we expect these opportunities to come his way. We were made aware that the situation was happening, and he’s already done filming. We had planned out the sit-down interviews to make up for his absence and it’s full speed ahead.”

Fightful said that they have been told that WWE will be doing more to support outside projects in the future.

When Did Seth Rollins Last Win The World Championship?

Seth Rollins has enjoyed a glittering career with WWE and has held World Championship gold on no less than four occasions. However, it has been some time since he was last in possession of either of the company’s top titles.

The Visionary hasn’t been champion since holding the Universal Title way back in 2019, his reign running from August 11th to October 31st.