“How Dare You” – Road Dogg Reveals His “Huge Personal Mistake”

Road Dogg Shawn Michaels DX

Road Dogg is open about the fact that he’s dealt with substance abuse issues in the past, and on a recent episode of his podcast, he opened up about a pitch he wishes he wouldn’t have turned down as it had to do with his addiction.

Speaking on a recent Q&A episode of Oh You Didn’t Know, Road Dogg was asked if there was ever a pitch he turned down. The WWE Hall of Famer detailed a pitch that would have documented one of his many attempts at rehab, saying he turned down the idea as he was concerned about how his children would view him. However, he believes he may have made a mistake in turning down the pitch as he may have been able to get ahold of his addiction issues sooner.

“So doing it is the question, this is not a creative answer. So it was never about creative. I was always gung ho to do whatever. Well, I guess it was more real life. But it was docu-seriesing one of my rehabs. And, look, it was actually, looking back, it’s probably a mistake, I probably should have done it, and maybe that one would have took, you know what I mean? You never know.

“But it was at the same time that Brett Farve was kind of going through that. And so it was on the national doctrine, I guess, about it being addicted to vicodin and being addicted to drugs and being in sports and sports medicine. And so they came to me with that, and I said ‘No, how dare you. I got kids that will see that.’ And I’m thinking, you know, retrospect that I literally said that too. I have kids, you can’t my kids are in school.”

Road Dogg Believes Documenting His Rehab Could Have Been a “Constructive Conversation Starter”

Continuing, Road Dogg explained his realization that his kids regularly saw him under the influence at home, and believes the storyline could have been a positive one to start conversations surrounding substance abuse.

“And I didn’t even think for one minute, my kids see me hammered all the time at home. That’s what sticks with them, not what they see on television. And what they saw on television would at least have been a constructive conversation starter about drugs and alcoholism. You know what I mean?

“So in retrospect, huge personal mistake. Probably would have got me quasi over from a sympathy standpoint, especially if I would have stayed straight, then it would have been a really good thing. But had I not, it would have been the death nail, you know.”

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