Hornswoggle Was Terrified Of The Undertaker After Peeing His Pants During WWE Show

The Undertaker

Throughout his over thirty-year tenure in the WWE, The Undertaker was notorious for being a locker room leader who fellow stars would respect, look up to and seek advice from.

Whilst The Phenom is renowned for being approachable and offering guidance to younger talent, the WWE Hall of Famer was not somebody you wish to upset which was exactly the position former WWE Superstar Hornswoggle found himself in.

Hornswoggle begged Bruce Prichard not to tell The Undertaker

Discussing a Hornswoggle and Undertaker story on his Something to Wrestle Podcast, Bruce Prichard recalled why Hornswoggle was scared of how the Deadman would react:

“The idea was that Dylan [Hornswoggle] was hiding in a bathroom and that you later find out that he’s been in the bathroom and he had a pint of Guinness. Long story short, we would have him come out. He would take his swig and sometimes he would have to do it over. I think I had one six-pack of Guinness.

I finally go in the bathroom where he was and I go in and I find all but one giant Guinness cans of beer are empty… I’m just looking at him in the end and I say, “Dylan, so disappointed in you.” He said, “I’m sorry Bruce. Please don’t tell anybody, please don’t tell The Undertaker. Oh no, I’m scared of The Undertaker.” I think he pissed his pants at that point. But he’s looking at me with the most innocent eyes and like I’ll do anything for you, just please don’t tell The Undertaker”

This is not the only incident involving Hornswoggle and The Undertaker. On an episode of Not Sam wrestling, the former Cruiserweight Champion revealed he was due to emerge from the ring during a six-man-tag match but ended up missing his cue because he had fallen asleep!

“He [Finlay] knew if I didn’t come out right away, something was up. He goes, ‘I thought you were dead.’ I remember coming out and going, ‘I’m so sorry, Fit, I’m so sorry, Fit,’ and then realising I have to get in the ring with The Undertaker. And he throws me in the ring, and I’m audibly saying out loud, ‘I’m so sorry, I was sleeping, I’m so sorry.’ We get to the back and ‘Taker comes up to me and goes, ‘What happened?’ I go, ‘I was sleeping,’ and he goes, ‘What…?’ and he just walks away.”

Hornswoggle has detailed many memorable tales from his time in WWE including the occasion where JBL helped him keep his job in WWE as he hid him in a luggage cart to avoid bumping into Vince McMahon and the hilarious incident where Edge refused to help him.