Hornswoggle on Orange Cassidy – “Holy Sh*t, This Is The Greatest Thing Ever”

Hornswoggle Orange Cassidy

Dylan Postl FKA Hornswoggle has named Orange Cassidy as wrestling’s current greatest entertainer and recalled his initial reaction to the AEW star revealing that he didn’t initially understand what Cassidy was all about.

Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside the Ropes recently sat down to chat with wrestling legend, accomplished author, actor and stand up comedian Dylan Postl FKA Hornswoggle, during the interview, Postl discussed a range of topics including fatherhood, tales for the road, the only moment in wrestling he regrets and who he sees as the most entertaining wrestler in the industries currently.

During the interview, responding to a question from Liam Alexander-Stewart, Postl would discuss who he believes is currently the most entertaining performer in professional wrestling.

The man formerly known as Hornswoggle would state:

“So I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon, but Orange Cassidy, but I had the match with him it’s on YouTube for Beyond Wrestling. I didn’t get the shtick when he was explaining it to me and then he was telling me more about it. And I was like, oh, OK. And then we had the match, like the first thing out of the gate. I was like. Holy shit, this is the greatest thing ever. He is like, I love him, and I feel like with him, there’s it’s so black and white with him, like if you’re a fan or not no middle ground. And that’s unfortunate. But I love him so much. I get such a kick out of him. Everything he does, literally everything he does is just entertaining to me. And it’s funny to me and people want to tear it apart. It gives away the business or I don’t care, you know giving away the business is when beyond the mat came out the business has been given away for years. I don’t care.”

The one time anonymous RAW General Manager would continue, discussing the divisiveness of Cassidy’s character comparing wrestling as a whole to Ice Cream.

Continuing on Postl would add:

“But that’s the thing. It’s just it’s unfortunate, but it’s also not everyone likes vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream it’s wrestling is legitimately like the Baskin Robbins of entertainment. It really is like you’re going to find something you really, really like and some things you’re going to really, really hate and be disgusted with. But that’s what makes wrestling awesome. That’s why I can watch it with my buddies and with my son and with students of mine because there’s always going to be something somebody likes and they’re not too keen on. You know, it’s awesome.”

Finally, Postl would add that he believes the return of live crowds to AEW can only be a good thing for Cassidy adding that he believes some of Cassidy’s earlier work in AEW would have benefitted from the presence of a live audience:

“I think it’s now that the crowds are back, I think it’s just can you imagine, like, the him and Jericho stuff with 5000 people unreal. It would have been the craziest thing ever.”

Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl would discuss a wide range of topics during his interview with Inside the Ropes that you can read in full on ITRWrestling.com, including the one moment in his wrestling career that he regrets.

Thank you to Dylan for taking the time out to speak with us, you can follow his journey in wrestling on his Twitter and support him via his store DylanPostl.com or his official Twitch channel.