Hornswoggle AKA Dylan Postl Announces His Adoption


Dylan Postl, known to WWE fans as Hornswoggle, has shared the happy news that he has been officially adopted by the woman he says put up with him for the past 25 years.

The 35-year-old former WWE Superstar took to social media to share his happy news, sharing a photo of him and his now-official mom in the courthouse where the adoption legally took place.

Along with the photo, Postl shared the caption:

“Wholesome Postl content incoming: I got a Mom today! On Mother’s Day I asked my step-mom to legally adopt me and today we went to the courthouse to make it official! She raised (put up with) me for the last 25 years so I wanted to make it a real thing. Today is a good day.”

Postl’s WWE career began in 2006 where he debuted as Finlay’s leprechaun antagonist. Over his years in the company the question of Hornswoggle’s parentage was the issue of a huge storyline when he was confirmed as Vince McMahon’s son live on Raw. After spending several months trying to win over McMahon’s affections, JBL revealed that it had all been a ruse and Hornswoggle was in fact Finlay’s son all along.

As Hornswoggle Dylan Postl became WWE Cruiserweight Champion and was the last man to hold the title until it was reactivated in 2016 after the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

Since departing full time in 2016 Postl has since made several appearances for IMPACT Wrestling where he is known as Swoggle. Swoggle was even able to defeat current AEW star Ethan Page in Novemeber 2020 in the promotion.

Everyone at Inside The Ropes sends their congratulations and warmest wishes to Dylan Postl on his happy news.