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Homicide Reveals What He Considers His “WrestleMania Moment”

Homicide, Samoa Joe, CM Punk

Ring Of Honor star Homicide has named what he considers to be his WrestleMania moment.

While the veteran has appeared in wrestling rings all over the world, winning numerous championships, the New York native has named the one moment that stands above all others.

Back in 2006, Homicide was the man who was beloved by the ROH faithful, but couldn’t quite reach the top of the mountain. However, on one cold night in December, in front of a home-town crowd that all changed.

Daniel Bryan, then known as Bryan Danielson, had been ROH World Champion for 462 days, after defeating some of the best wrestling talent that the world had to offer. But on that night, it was Homicide’s time, and in front of a raucous crowd, he dethroned the champion.

Looking back on this victory on the ROH Strong podcast, Homicide described beating Bryan as his “WrestleMania moment.”

“When I’m 90 years old and so many concussion syndromes, I’m always going to remember that day. I’ll always remember guys like CM Punk, he just signed with WWE, he took a plane to come watch that match. The Briscoe Brothers were behind the curtain watching the match. Everyone was like, ‘this is big for Homicide.’ That motivated me so much. When I defeated him and all the guys came into the ring, that was for real. When I grabbed the belt and hugged Julius Smokes, I was surprised. I feel I deserve it and was part of that crew. Everyone talks about Colt Cabana, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels. I deserve to be part of that crew. When I beat Bryan for the belt, that was my WrestleMania moment,”

While Homicide would go on to lose the title just a handful of months later he remained a fixture on the US wrestling scene. In the following years, Homicide would bounce between ROH, IMPACT, Dragon Gate USA and every company in between. Before the ROH stalwart found his way back to the company in early 2021.

ROH recently saw their five-year working relationship with CMLL come to an end. The Mexican promotion announced that they would be focusing on their own product going forward.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.