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Hilarious New Sami Zayn Merchandise Now Available To Buy

Sami Zayn T-shirt

In a hilarious segment on last night’s SmackDown, WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn’s new “merchandise” was revealed.

After the Great Liberator complained that Big E got new merchandise and he didn’t ahead of their match, the rejuvenated powerhouse of The New Day – alongside two former WWE United States Champions in Kalisto and Apollo Crews – would unveil a badly drawn, home-made “I Am Sami Zayn t-shirt.

Immediately, Twitter was whipped into a frenzy with fans demanding WWE actually make the merchandise!

After releasing some new Sami Zayn merchandise earlier on in the day via WWE Shop, but not the merchandise which debuted on SmackDown last night, the criticism started pouring in on Twitter. However, just a few hours later, the “I Am Sami Zayn” t-shirt is now available for fans across the globe to purchase.

Following the merchandise reveal, Sami Zayn would go one-on-one with Big E, but the match would end rather inconclusively as the Intercontinental Champion would trap Big E outside the ring long enough to pick up a countout win on the first SmackDown emanating from WWE’s new ThunderDome location – Tropicana Field. You can read the full results here.

If you feel so inclined, you can purchase the new ‘I Am Sami Zayn’ t-shirt via WWE Shop here. However, the t-shirt is not yet available via WWE Euroshop.