Highly-Rated NXT Star To Miss A Number Of Months Following Serious Injury

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One of NXT’s hottest young stars looks set to be out of action for a number of months.

On April 26th, the NXT Anonymous Twitter account shared a video of Sol Ruca being attacked by a mystery assailant in the parking lot.

It has now been confirmed that the attack was a way of writing the star off television due to a very real injury. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Sol Ruca has torn her ACL.

The star, real name Calyx Hampton grabbed the attention of fans in late 2022 with her acrobatic finisher, while she has impressed both fans and critics since becoming a regular on NXT television.

“[Sol Ruca] tore her ACL.

There’s a lot of injuries there [NXT]. It’s funny because a lot of people are blaming the strength training for the injuries, that they are doing heavy lifts as opposed to strengthening surrounding muscles to prevent injuries.”

Meltzer went on to discuss the risks that athletes take in the gym when weightlifting.

“When you are doing heavy stuff like that, the knees and the shoulders both can take a beating doing heavy one rep maxes or heavy, heavy weights, heavy squats, obviously, and they do that too, they have squat competitions there too. It sounds good but people have brought up to me there’s a lot of injuries, especially on the women’s side, there’s a lot of women’s injuries right now in NXT.”

Indi Hartwell Retains NXT Women’s Title Despite Injury

An injury curse appears to have struck WWE and the NXT women’s division in particular in recent months.

At Spring Breakin’ Indi Hartwell was defending her Women’s Title when she suffered a nasty-looking leg injury which caused her to be taken backstage. However, she eventually returned to the ring and retained her title as planned.

It has been reported that WWE actually changed plans mid-match, calling for Tiffany Stratton to pick up the win, but when Hartwell was deemed fit enough to return, she won as scheduled.

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