“He’s Gonna Get Creamed” – WWE Star Blasts Logan Paul

Logan Paul WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul continues to be a divisive figure in the WWE Universe.

While the boxer and social media star has impressed some fans with his athletic ability, the reaction amongst the crowd remains mixed. Paul would return during the 2023 Royal Rumble at number 29, receiving boos from the entrance, but cheered during the mid-air collision with Ricochet.

Logan Paul Has Competed In 4 WWE Matches

Logan Paul’s most shocking moment in the Royal Rumble match was the elimination of Seth Rollins, who was eliminated when Paul snuck back into the ring after the aforementioned impact with Ricochet.

2019 Royal Rumble winner Rollins has been more vocal about his issues with Paul following the elimination. During a livestream, Rollins stated that Logan Paul is not a wrestler. The former WWE Champion continued berating the YouTuber in another live interview.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Rollins has outlined his issues with the YouTube star, citing one particular spot that has caused the anger:

“So all of us who have come off the top rope before, it’s not as special because we just didn’t have a camera pointed at our own stupid face? We have people whose job it is to shoot us. I don’t need a selfie to make myself look good. The guy doesn’t care about nothing but himself. I can respect the hustle. I respect the hustle, I really do. It takes hustle to get where he’s at and to get the opportunities that he’s got.

The Revolutionary then subtly laid down the challenge to Paul, stating what would happen if the two WWE Superstars met inside the squared circle:

But at the end of the day, it’s about passion. No one’s just gonna shut up and play NFL football because they’re a social media superstar. They’re gonna get creamed. So he’s gonna step into my world, and he’s gonna get creamed.”

Host McAfee is another crossover star who has transitioned from another sport to the WWE. Rollins put over the former NFL kicker, stating that unlike Paul, Pat McAfee is not doing it for selfish reasons:

“If you want to contribute and you want to give back to our industry, you’re a fan of it, you’re a fan of it, you love it, right, Pat? You’re a fan of it. You love it, you give back to it, you talk about it any chance you get, you put it over. You love it. That’s not him. He’s in it for himself. He’s in it for himself, he’s in it for his own game,”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.