“He’s A Hell of A Good Guy” – Jim Ross Heaps Praise On AEW Star

Jim Ross

Jim Ross knows what it’s like to be in a talent management position. As a former executive of Talent Relations in WWE, JR has firsthand knowledge of what wrestling promotions are looking for and knows when someone is a valuable asset.

It’s because of that knowledge that JR praised Adam Cole on an episode of his Grilling JR Podcast.

“He’s a hell of a good guy. I like him. He’s another one of those guys that you value having around your other talents and having in the locker room, at least based on my personal experience and what I’ve seen here since he’s joined our team. Good get by Tony Khan.”

Jim Ross has nothing but nice things to say about Adam Cole

Additionally, JR noted something specific about Cole that makes him such an important member of AEW’s roster: his versatility. According to JR, Cole can work with anybody and bring out the best in them in the ring.

He’s a very experienced hand, he can work with anybody, he can be a heel, he can be a babyface, and him coming in and being a support person for Adam Cole fits just perfect.”

Adam Cole’s time in AEW has been a mixed bag, though that’s not entirely his fault. His debut was immediately overshadowed by Bryan Danielson’s, which took place mere minutes after his.

Then his career hit a major roadblock when he was sidelined for approximately nine months after suffering a major concussion that took a very long time to recover from. Now, though, Adam Cole appears to be slowly working his way up the AEW card.

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