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“Heaven’s A Beautiful Place With Pat Patterson There” – Gerald Brisco

Pat Patterson

Gerald Brisco shared an emotional tribute to Pat Patterson this week, honouring his late friend and describing him as family.

WWE shared a video of Brisco reflecting on his time with Patterson. The pair came a staple of the Attiude Era as ‘The Stooges’, a part of Vince McMahon’s corporate posse. Reflecting on his time with the company and his relationship with Patterson, Brisco shared his thoughts on their relationship:

“You work in this business, you travel the roads, you go up and down them. You meet people, you become acquaintances with people, a lot of people. A lot of fans, a lot talent, a lot of crew, you become acquaintance’s with. There’s very few people that you can say you make these road trips with that after a few years, that they’re family to you. Pat was family. Heaven’s a beautiful place with Pat there, laughing and telling his corny jokes.”

Pat Patterson passed away on December 2nd, aged 79. Patterson made his Professional Wrestling debut in 1958 and would go on to become one of the icons of the industry. He is perhaps best known as being the inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion and first openly gay Professional Wrestler. Upon his in-ring retirement in 1984, Pat would play a vital role within the company backstage, and is credited for creating the Royal Rumble. This week, countless tributes were paid to Patterson from past and present Superstars, including Sami Zayn, The Rock and WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

Gerald Brisco credited Patterson for his vast knowledge of Pro Wrestling, calling him a “colossal character” within the industry:

“He had so much knowledge. Working with Pat was like working with an encyclopaedia. You ask him a question about any time, any era, any talent and he had a story. He saw the history of our buisness. The impact that he’s had on World Wrestling Entertainment throughout its inception is so valuable. To me, he was the most wonderful person and the most giving person.”

WWE are known for their intense show schedule, and Brisco shares that Patterson was often a comforting moment of comic relief to his co-workers during times away from loved ones:

“We go through so many rough times on the road, away from your family and your friends. Pat was always there and, if you were down, Pat could read you. Pat had a special special trait about him where he knew if something was wrong with you, and he would get out and pull that out of you. He was magic like that. You weren’t a friend of Pat Patterson, you were a brother of Pat.”

WWE have paid tribute to Pat Patterson several times this week, including a video package set to Patterson singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ on last night’s episode of Smackdown.

Watch Pat Patterson sing ‘My Way’ during an Inside The Ropes show here