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Heath Slater Reveals Social Outcasts Was Pitched To Him As “Like DX”

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Former WWE Superstar Heath Slater has said that his Social Outcasts group was pitched to him as “like DX” but instead it became “another Job Squad.”

The Social Outcasts group consisted of Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and Adam Rose and ran from its inception in January 2016 until just six months later in July. The group soon found itself fighting from underneath in the company as the four stars lost to a host of other WWE Superstars, soon becoming borderline enhancement talent, just like Slater’s previous 3MB group.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory, Heath Slater discussed how the group was originally pitched to him and how it soon went south:

“There was one pitch that happened that was supposed to happen with four of us. Like The Social Outcast group, and they were hyping it up to us to where we were going to be like D-Generation X. You know, to where it was just like, and I’m looking at all of us in the group and I’m like, we could totally pull this off.”

“Like we could definitely pull this off that they allow us. And then like, I don’t know what happened in the mix of the whole Social Outcasts. And then it was supposed to have been like a DX, us being able to run wild and not really being The Social Outcasts. But then they, like, watered down so bad to where it was like we just became another Job Squad.”

“So I’m just like man, there are some good workers in this bunch, and we can really perform. They can talk, you know, we can have like good entertaining segments like we can do some fun things, and it just got washed away. And like, I still don’t even know how it went from, ‘Hey guys, you’re going to be like this… You’re going to be going out pulling pranks on people, and you’re all going to be like the babyfaces of a group, you know, y’all going to be wild and rough on the edges.’ You know, that type of thing. To ‘Nah, we just going to let you go and do what y’all did.'”

Heath Slater adds that the group all found themselves as part of The Marine 5 but other than that, the group was flat:

“I mean, we got a movie out, but we were all in The Marine 5. But I got to experience how it was to be in a movie. So that was pretty cool. But yeah, man, it was like, that’s one thing, and I loved our entrance music man. The entrance music was really cool and it was just like there was just so much potential that they just, you know, how you could pop a can, but then the tap breaks, but it doesn’t open. I feel like that’s what Social Outcasts was like.”

Thank you to Heath for taking the time out to speak with us and thank you to IMPACT UK for facilitating our conversation with Heath, you can watch IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory PPV on October 23rd featuring the highly anticipated debut of The IInspiration.