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Heath Slater On WWE Pitch He Said “Hell No” To

Heath Slater

Former WWE Superstar Heath Slater has discussed the storyline pitch made to him by WWE that he said “hell no” to taking part in.

In 2016, the WWE brought back their roster split drafting separate rosters for RAW and SmackDown. With Stephanie and Shane McMahon made the Commissioners for both shows, the battle for brand supremacy was back in vogue in WWE.

However, one star that didn’t make the cut to get drafted to either show was former WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater. With Slater left on the sidelines he began pleading with anybody who would listen that he had kids, and he needed a job. This led to a memorable rise to become one-half of the first-ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions with Rhyno.

Speaking to Title Match Wrestling, Slater revealed that the popular storyline that saw Slater scratch and claw to get a job on one of the shows was nearly snuffed out on the night of the draft itself:

“They were literally just gonna have a little haha thing. Lights go out on me… ‘Oh, I didn’t get picked,’ and then later on that night they were gonna put me on the internet saying, ‘Oh, SmackDown let the little cry puppy in,’ but I was just like, ‘Hell no.’”

Slater then revealed that the ‘free agent’ storyline was an idea that he had:

“I said, ‘Right here we’ve got a damn good storyline. I’m a free agent. Let me go to RAW and SmackDown, try to get a job, try to go and impress Shane, impress Stephanie, to where at the end they are trying to get me, both, where I’m like… where should I go? We could have months of entertaining stuff with this.’”

After gaining his spot on SmackDown, Slater stayed with the company until he was released from his WWE contract in April 2020. He made a brief appearance to first fight and then reunite with his former 3MB partner Drew McIntyre that summer before appearing for IMPACT Wrestling.

h/t SK Wrestling for the transcription