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Heath Slater On Potential Future WWE Return

Heath Slater

Heath Slater appeared on The Ryback Show this week and discussed a potential return to WWE, following his release in April of this year.

Slater was one of a large number of performers and staff released by WWE in 2020 following the coronavirus pandemic, which forced WWE to film events behind closed doors and cancel all upcoming house shows. Heath would go on to debut on Impact in July 2020 and has made appearances on the independent circuit. Although currently injured, Slater is expected to return to in-ring competition in January 2021.

Speaking of a potential return to WWE, Slater said:

“It’s one of those things, who knows what the future will tell. It’s one of those things like, if WWE wants another good story from a man that can actually pull it off. Yeah, it could be good….

“So, it’s one of those things that there’s so much stuff they could do and it could be very good, but then again its one of those things where like, who the hell knows? I don’t know where I’m going to be at in two years, you know? I don’t know what’s going to happen, you know? I have no idea. Would I do it? Hell, who knows. I mean, if the time’s right and everything is adding up, yeah. But then again if the time’s not right I may have to miss that boat.”

Heath Slater signed with WWE in 2006, performing in the developmental system for Deep South Wrestling. Slater would be sent to Florida Championship Wrestling and go on to become an FCW Heavyweight Champion. Heath made his main roster debut in June 2010 as part of The Nexus, attacking John Cena and CM Punk. Slater would spend a total of 14 years with WWE, becoming a 24/7 Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and inaugural Smackdown Tag Team Champion with partner Rhyno.

He is perhaps best known for being the leader of 3 Man Band, alongside Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Although released from WWE in April of this year, Slater made a one off appearance on Monday Night Raw in June to confront former 3MB member and current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. This lead to a match on the same evening, which saw McIntyre defeat Slater.

When reflecting on his time with WWE, Slater shared his favourite moment from his time in The Nexus, a group that also featured podcast host Ryback. Describing SummerSlam 2010, in which The Nexus faced Team WWE, which included hall of famers Bret Hart and Edge, Slater addressed the somewhat controversial end to the match, which saw John Cena, the sole survivor for Team WWE, defeat The Nexus:

“SummerSlam, if we wouldn’t have lost, that’s a fact. Everyone knows the story, it’s out there. But dammit, we showed up in LA winning. Bro, agent told me we were going over. Four hours before, you know, it changes everything. You know, and I’m just like ‘what the hell just happened?’ and then, you know, we all know what happened. And then we’re just like ‘what the f***?’ But, that moment, that main event with all those guys in there with us.”

You can listen to the Heath Slater on The Ryback Show here.