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Heath Slater On CM Punk – “Some Days He’s Cool, Some He’s An A**hole”

CM Punk

Heath Slater has given his thoughts on CM Punk, saying Punk could be very changeable, and compared his style as locker room leader to that of John Cena.

CM Punk is in the headlines as Fightful Select first reported that the former WWE Champion is in talks to return to wrestling with AEW. Punk has not competed in the ring since the Royal Rumble in 2014, famously walking out on WWE the night after that event.

One of the men who rejected Punk’s leadership of The Nexus, Heath Slater has given his view on Punk backstage in a video with Title Match Wrestling.

Slated explained:

“With Punk, man, it was pretty much just what day you caught him on. Some days he was cool and awesome to be around, and then some days he was an a**hole. But then again I think a lot of people are like that. But yeah, I think I can honestly say he didn’t make too many friends, but I guess he got the ones that he wanted. I don’t know.”

In 2011, the ‘Summer Of Punk’ in WWE saw the Chicago-native become a megastar after he won the WWE Title and looked set to walk away from the company. Slater then contrasted Punk’s attitude backstage with that of the man Punk beat for the title at Money In The Bank 2011, John Cena.

Heath Slater said:

“I mean, they’re two totally different styles. John was always cool. John and Punk, they both had their bus. They would come in when they wanted to, type deal, you know. John would come in the locker room, shake everyone’s hand, say hello, this and that, and be cool that way. Punk would just come in and say, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ Just whatever. It’s one of those things. Two different areas, two different styles.”

CM Punk is not the only name being linked with AEW this week. The company has captured the signing of former NWA Women’s Worlds Champion Thunder Rosa and is reported to have signed another former WWE Champion.

Credit: Title Match Wrestling

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription