Heath Seemingly Takes Jab At John Cena Over Nexus Losing At SummerSlam


There was nothing hotter in professional wrestling in the year 2010 than Nexus. The faction which consisted of Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Salter, Justin Grabriel (PJ Black), and more, tried to conquer the main roster of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

At 2010’s WWE SummerSlam, the stable hit their peak, taking on a number of WWE-All-Stars such as Bret Hart, John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho, R-Truth and Daniel Bryan. However, they would go on to lose that match.

Heath Blames John Cena For Nexus Defeat

Known as Heath in IMPACT Wrestling, the now-Slater was generally happy with the program, but he does wish something had happened differently.

Speaking in an interview on 1140 AM Las Vegas with Adrian Hernandez, Heath stated:

“SummerSlam was amazing, main eventing and everything. Getting in the ring with Bret Hart was fantastic. But SummerSlam should’ve went differently. Because we had WWE by the throat, but they never let us clench it, you know what I mean? They never let it be like ‘Holy crap! These guys are legit taking over!’ We were there. We had it. But then Superman had to go in there and change everything.”

With the “Superman” label, Heath is referring to John Cena, who was the captain of the WWE squad who faced off against Nexus at SummerSlam. Several people who have been employed by WWE agreed to Heath’s opinion in the past about Nexus’ result in the match, and even Cena would admit that he “guessed wrong” years after in reference to his thoughts on how the bout should finish.

“We were winning though. We were definitely winning. We got there and they said we were up. Me, Gabriel, and Wade were the last three in the ring. And then the next thing I know, an hour before the PPV starts, it all goes to crap, and we’re all like ‘Whoa what? What’s happening now?’ They had to switch it all.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.