Heath Expects A January Return

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IMPACT Wrestling Superstar, Heath, has given an update on his current injury and expected return date which he believes will be in January 2021.

At IMPACT Wrestling: Bound For Glory on October 24, the artist formerly known as Heath Slater competed in the promotion’s Call Your Shot gauntlet match in order to earn his contract with the promotion.

While scheduled to win the bout, something went badly wrong shorty after he entered the ring and the finish was changed so that his best friend Rhino prevailed and earned his chum the spot on the roster he yearned for.

As it would turn out, Heath suffered a partially torn abductor muscle and tear in his groin which was said not to need surgery.

Now, the star has joined former WWE colleague, Ryback, on The Ryback Show to discuss the injury and his desired return date:

“I went into that damn match and I’m not supposed to bump and win it. I’m going good as hell. I get in, three moves I’ve hit for the last ten years of my career. I slide in, Myers throws the clothesline, I duck it, hit that neckbreaker and it felt like someone stabbed me in the damn gut with a knife. ‘Oh, what the hell is that?’ I get up, hit the leg lariat thinking I’m good. I just dropped to my face. I hit my knee. I go to the top rope and I look out and go, ‘I’m fucked.’ Even if I’m supposed to win, whatever, if I can’t contribute, why should I even do it? I’ve never felt pain like that. It felt like someone took the knife and twisted it.”

Initially, the diagnosis was thought to be nothing more than a hernia and the talent even went as far as booking an appointment with a hernia specialist. However, as he stated, the diagnosis was incorrect:

“The person at the hospital said, ‘Oh, you have a hernia,’ so that’s what everyone thought. I went to a hernia specialist and he was like, ‘Nah, it ain’t that. You ripped your adductor muscle off the bone and slightly tore your groin.’ I was like, ‘Do I need surgery?’ ‘No. Once you rip that adductor muscle, we can only substrate it back to the bone, but you don’t actually need that to happen.’ I’m like, ‘S**t, what am I gonna do?’ ‘You’re gonna ice and do nothing for about two months.’ I went from bruising everyone and barely able to walk. It’s been a month now and I’m walking well and still a little bruised. I’m supposed to be back in January.”

When Heath does return to IMPACT Wrestling in the New Year, he will find his best friend Rhino feuding with Eric Young and Joe Dearing, though it is currently unclear in which direction his character will be taken.

Credit for the interview: The Ryback Show

h/t for the interview: Fightful