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Backstage Heat Between Stephanie McMahon & WWE Producer

Stephanie McMahon

With Stephanie McMahon now acting as WWE’s CEO, a new report has claimed that she and a long-time WWE executive do not get along.

It was announced on June 17th that Stephanie McMahon was filling in as WWE Chairwoman and CEO on an interim basis while her father Vince McMahon was investigated by the company’s board amid misconduct allegations.

Vince McMahon will still head the company’s creative division at this time and he appeared on SmackDown on Friday night in an apparent show of defiance.

With the wrestling world wondering what comes next in this saga, there could be trouble in paradise for a long-time WWE executive if Stephanie McMahon’s grip on power is tightened.

Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston appeared on Busted Open Radio where he discussed what he thinks is next for WWE and says that Stephanie McMahon and the man in charge of WWE TV, Kevin Dunn, do not like one another:

“I’m skeptical that much is going to change for Vince day-to-day. I think he’s still going to go to TV, and he’s still going to work in the office at WWE Headquarters.”

“I know that Stephanie is going to be interim CEO, but I’ve heard from many people that Stephanie and Kevin Dunn, for example, don’t like each other. And as long as someone like Kevin Dunn has a job at WWE, this seems to be for public consumption, looking around at some of the headlines that I see in mainstream media today. I think WWE is getting the response in the headlines that they want.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.