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Heart-Warming Footage Of Interaction Between Chyna And Bret Hart Resurfaces

Bret Hart & Chyna

Heart-warming footage of a meeting between Bret Hart and Chyna just months before she sadly passed away has re-emerged on social media.

In 1997, Chyna and Bret Hart were both huge stars with WWE, albeit at vastly different stages of their careers.

Chyna made her debut at In Your House 13: Final Four in February, emerging from the crowd to attack Marlena who was acting as the valet for Goldust who was facing Triple H in the ring. After aligning with Triple H, the pair became founding members of D-Generation X in the months that followed.

Meanwhile, Bret Hart was at the top of the WWE tree. Throughout much of the year The Hitman waged war with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. It was his feud with Michaels, both inside and outside of the ring, which led him to leave the company following Survivor Series in November.

Chyna remained with the company until 2001, where she left under a cloud of personal turmoil following the end of her relationship with Triple H. Despite her contributions to WWE, the star wasn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame until 2019, three years after her death, when she was inducted as part of D-X.

One of the voices who spoke out in favour of her inclusion in the Hall of Fame was Bret Hart.

Footage has now re-emerged on social media of an interaction between the pair at a signing in Los Angeles in July 2015. The footage shows the first time the pair had met since they worked together in WWE back in 1997.

Bret Hart has been back in the news in recent weeks with reports suggesting that he has signed a merchandising deal with WWE. The contract is of particular significance as Hart continues to be linked with an appearance in AEW.