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“He Will Run The Company Until They Bury Him” – Jim Ross On Vince McMahon

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AEW commentator, Jim Ross, has given his frank opinion of how long he sees Vince McMahon remaining at the helm of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Talk of when Vince McMahon will step down from steering the WWE juggernaut has been rife for at least a decade, with fans putting forth their own theories at what age the legendary tycoon will step away from the business he grew from the ground upwards.

Everyone has their own opinion on when enough is enough. Some have already aired their belief that McMahon should be enjoying a well earned retirement, while other wish to see him remain for the foreseeable future while pondering who his replacement will be.

Now, ‘Good Ol’ JR’ Jim Ross has had his say on the matter during a recent edition of his Grilling JR Podcast. Opening the floor to questions from the public, one devotee touched on the subject of Vince’s historic reign and how long Ross thought his former employer would remain at the head of the table:

“He will run the company until they bury him. I don’t think he will ever sell the company. I don’t think he’ll ever slow down to any large degree, that’s just not in his makeup. If he did, he would not be happy. I fully believe all people should strive to find their happy place and his happy place is working. It’s always been that way.

I think that’s one of the things that’s made the company so successful. Vince’s unrelenting work ethic. Nobody in WWE has ever worked as hard as the owner. Nobody. He has no hobbies, he goes to the gym and he works. That’s it. The only thing I’m concerned about is Vince’s health. I wish him the best, he helped me a lot along the way no doubt, but you wonder sometimes are you doing what needs to be done or what you’re forcing yourself to do? It’s almost like an obsession with him to work.”

Having served by Vince’s side on and off for decades, Jim Ross was keen to point out McMahon’s work ethic and stated that he still, into hi seventies, worked like he was twenty five years old:

“He’s not a spring chicken like the rest of us in that generation. We all have to face up to the fact that we’re mortal and aging affects people differently. The thing about Vince at his age, he’s still working like he’s 25 years old, he doesn’t stop. He only works in days ending in Y and he has no time limits, there’s no requirements.

You wonder sometimes how intense he is, as busy as he is, the responsibilities he has running a massive publicly traded company if it’s getting to be too much. I don’t know the answer to that question. I’m a lot more concerned about his health than him being able to run the company.”

The last time we saw Vince McMahon on WWE television was at the 2020 Survivor Series on November 22, when he tearfully gave a heartfelt tribute to his most loyal subject, The Undertaker.

Credit for the interview: Grilling JR Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.