“He Sucks” – Booker T Blasts Ryback, Says Proposed Fight Is Now Cancelled

Booker T

Unfortunately, the highly-anticipated fight between Booker T and Ryback is cancelled.

The two former Intercontinental Champions were set to duke it out after Ryback challenged the WWE Hall of Famer in an MMA-style fight but on the latest episode of The Hall of Fame podcast Booker T revealed the showdown will no longer be taking place.

I was listening to Ryback talk, and he said he wanted to get paid for the fight,” Booker said. “So you want somebody to set it up and he’ll fight me and it’ll be Ryback vs. WWE — and I represent WWE. I don’t know why WWE came into this. This is supposed to be between Ryback and I. It’s supposed to be [hand and hand]. It’s supposed to be [like] back in the day, I’m talking about two gunslingers back to back,” he continued. “Ten paces, bang bang! I thought that was going to be something like that, but now he’s talking about he has to get paid, and this, that, and whatnot.

“He Sucks” – Booker T Blasts Ryback

Further in the podcast the 5-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion explained why a fight between him and Ryback will not be a possibility.

I’m serious, man. The thing is, I said [the fight will be] on-site. He said he’s not going to see me or anything like that for eight months maybe or so. Look, I don’t care if it’s a year from now,” Booker added, “I don’t care if it’s two years from now, it could be any time. And I get invited to these events. What did he say? He doesn’t get invited to most of these big events? You know why? Here’s the reason why — and I’ll just leave it at this — because he sucks. That’s as deep as I’m gonna get.

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