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“He Really Didn’t Want To Do The Job” – Mike Chioda On Razor Ramon

Razor Ramon vs Lightning Kid

Legendary referee Mike Chioda has opened up about what Razor Ramon, AKA Scott Hall, told him before one of the biggest upsets in WWE history – his loss to The Lightning Kid.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc’sNick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast, Chioda spoke about having the task of refereeing a match between The Lightning Kid – Sean “X-Pac” Waltman – and Razor Ramon – Scott Hall – in 1995, and how Hall “really didn’t want to do the job” to Waltman.

“That was great. There was probably, I want to say, maybe 500-1,000 people in that arena but what a wrestling vibe that was. That was an amazing match being from a perspective of some young kid coming in, which became X-Pac, and he was the 1-2-3 Kid. Razor came up to me all day long because he loved how I counted. A lot of false-count finishes. One, two, kick out. Not today, you’d be on the same page as almost counting three and kicking out.”

Chioda went on to reveal what Razor Ramon told him ahead of the match.

“He says, ‘Man, I want you to make this the fastest count ever.’ He really didn’t want to do the job because I don’t think they were that great of friends at that point yet. They became good friends. He was like, ‘I want you to count as fast as you can. It’s your ass if you don’t count fast. You’ll make me look stupid sitting there for a long three.’ That’s when it was old school, man. They cared about their character and cared about who they were doing a job to. We’ll be talking about that someday on AdFreeShows, a watch-along, hopefully coming up someday.”

The match would go on to spur Waltman to be called 1-2-3 Kid and go down in history as one of the biggest upsets in wrestling.