“He Never Improved” – Kurt Angle Reveals Why Forgotten Star Failed In WWE

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle believes a Ruthless Aggression star could have achieved more while in WWE.

During his stint as SmackDown General Manager, Angle recruited some onscreen backup to avoid any intimidation from the rest of the roster. The assistant in question was Luther Reigns.

Kurt Angle Details Why Luther Reigns Was Not A Success In WWE

Reigns received a push from the outset, being paired with Angle upon the return to action for the Olympic Gold Medallist. Along with Mark Jindrak, the three men would form a new version of Team Angle, a faction previously comprised of Angle, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

The apparent rise of Reigns would continue, with the SmackDown star being place in high profile pay-per-view matches against opponents including Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker.

Along with having the desired look of a Ruthless Aggression Era Superstar and being heavily associated with Angle, it looked like the rise of Reigns was set to continue. However, the former WWE star was released from his contract in May 2005.

Hall of Famer Angle was asked about Luther Reigns on a recent edition of the Kurt Angle Show. The former WWE Champion stated that while Reigns’ promo ability was great, the lack of desire to improve in the ring was what held him back:

He needed a lot more work. He was really green in the ring. As far as microphone skills, he was incredible, had a great look, everything going for him. He just couldn’t improve. And the problem was I think he never really practised. They would have practice sessions earlier in the day during the shows and Fit Finley would lead the charge. And Luther never attended. And I think that that’s where he needed to be every day. He just didn’t do it. He had time to get better. He had ways of getting better, but chose not to for some reason.

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