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“He Never Felt He Was Too Big For Anything” – Arn Anderson On Brodie Lee

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‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson has spoken out about the late Jon ‘Brodie Lee’ Huber and how he was admired for his willingness to put over smaller talent.

There aren’t many professional wrestlers in history that have taken a shine to selling for smaller stars, be they in stature or just below them on the card. For example, no one would be able to imagine Hulk Hogan taking a twenty minute pounding for a young Bret Hart in 1987.

However, that wasn’t the stance of the late Jon Huber. Among his many qualities, the man everyone knew as Brodie Lee was a generous individual inside the ring as well as outside, willing to give the spotlight to those many would have expected him to demolish.

Now, AEW Producer Arn Anderson has joined Talk is Jericho to discuss Lee’s kindness to his opponents and how he gained more respect by being willing to sell for those underneath him:

“Chris, as you know, when you’re in six-man’s or in tags, somebody, especially on the heel side, has got to be the bumping guy. He’s got to be the flow guy to make everything work, and at 6’5″ 275 lbs., he’s as much a monster as Big Red (Erick Rowan) or certainly Bray Wyatt. The thing that I figured out pretty quickly with his was his first goal was to make sure the babyfaces got what they needed from him.

His offense was incredible, but the fact is he took a hell of an ass whipping, and for a guy that size, in today’s mentality, not a lot of guys are willing to go out and get their ass kicked properly. It’s like, ‘I’m too big for that.’ He never felt like he was too big for anything. Every single night, first thing he would say coming back through the curtain, ‘Whatcha got Dubs? Whatcha got?’ He was wanting criticism, and that’s the kind of guys that get better, the ones that really want to know, and they want to know the truth.”

Brodie Lee showed his willingness to put others over many times during his brief but memorable run with AEW, including in his wars with Cody who while a bigger star name, was much smaller in stature.

Jon Huber passed away on December 26, 2020, from a non-COVID related lung issue.

Credit for the interview: Talk is Jericho

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.