“He Drives Me Nuts” – Eric Bischoff Reveals His Professional Problem With Tony Khan

Eric Bischoff Blasts Tony Khan Over CM Punk Suspension

Eric Bischoff has been outspoken about the decision-making of Tony Khan, both the good and the bad, and he does have issues of how Khan has handled himself as the AEW President.

Speaking on 83 Weeks, Bischoff believes Tony Khan has been a bit of delusion about who he considers himself in the pro wrestling business.

“Tony wants to see himself, so badly, as the Vince McMahon of WWE or the Paul Heyman of ECW or even the Eric Bischoff of WCW — when it was successful. Tony wants or needs that recognition so badly that — whether it’s because he’s so immersed in other things or if he’s just driven by his ego — he’s not making those decisions [to delgate] or choices to let other people [help him].

“Tony has people around him, at this moment, that have so much more experience and are probably way better at creative and understanding the wrestling audience. Because Tony, I think, understands the wrestling audience that, in his mind, he was. He’s writing for himself, he’s writing for 14-year-old Tony Khan who is showing up at ECW events, and writing things that stimulated him at that point in time.”

What Is It That Really Bugs Eric Bischoff About Tony Khan?

Eric Bischoff also believes that Tony Khan should tap into the “wealth of knowledge” that surrounds him as he thinks Khan doesn’t understand television or the art of storytelling. Despite his criticisms, Bischoff only hopes the best for AEW.

“I want them to succeed … what I get upset about is loss of opportunity. But he keeps going down the same path and it isn’t working. It drives me nuts.”

Please credit 83 Weeks and h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.