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“Have At It!” – Chris Jericho Responds To Jim Cornette Criticism

Chris Jericho

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has responded to Jim Cornette, telling the legendary commentator, “Have at it!” and saying he’s honoured to provide Cornette content that pays his bills.

Posting on Twitter, Jericho wished Cornette and Brian Last the best of luck saying Cornette is entitled to his opinions.

“I’ve been told @TheJimCornette & his sidekick @greatbrianlast continue to brutally bury me for everything I do & say. My response to that is this….have at it! You’re entitled to ur opinions & Im honored to provide content that helps u pay your bills. Best of luck to both of u!”

Just last week, Cornette had opened up about his friendship with Jericho, saying Le Champion had “embarrassed” him.

“No, I can honestly say that Chris had been embarrassing me and making me frustrated with his activity, and I thought he should be ashamed of himself for what he’s capable of doing versus what he’s been doing to help teach these young idiots instead of falling in with them and validating their bad habits.”

You can listen to the full clip below, where Jim Cornette calls Chris Jericho a “filthy human being” and taking aim at the wrestling performances of the Demo God.