Harland Launches Vicious Attack On Brian Kendrick After Making In-Ring Debut On NXT 2.0

Harland Brian Kendrick

After making his in-ring debut, Harland launched a vicious attack on NXT producer Brian Kendrick in the former Cruiserweight Champion’s first television appearance since late 2020.

Though he was initially compared to Brock Lesnar even before he signed with WWE, Harland (real name Parker Boudreaux) donned a new look and has been accompanying Joe Gacy on the most recent episodes of NXT 2.0.

After weeks of being in the background as Gacy called for a “safe space” in wrestling, Harland finally made his in-ring debut on the December 14th episode, easily defeating Guru Raaj.

After the match, Joe Gacy asked Harland if he felt better, but the monster shook his head, indicating that further destruction was needed. Harland re-entered the ring to inflict more damage to Guru Raaj before being calmed by Gacy at the behest of a number of NXT producers.

One of the producers in question was “The” Brian Kendrick, who has not been featured on WWE television in over a year and has stepped away from active competition but remains with the company as confirmed in his Life After Wrestling documentary.

Though the situation with Harland seemed to be calming down, Kendrick made the mistake of touching Harland’s shoulder as he insisted that Gacy get control of his monster and was viciously thrown down the stairs by the former Parker Boudreaux.

NXT is running an injury storyline with the former WWE Tag Team Champion, stating that Kendrick was being medically evaluated later in the show.

Brian Kendrick was last featured on WWE television as part of 205 live, teaming with Mansoor to defeat Ever-Rise in his last match on October 30, 2020.