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Happy Corbin Recalls 2am Text From Vince McMahon

Happy Corbin

Happy Corbin has recalled WWE Chairman Vince McMahon texting him at 2am with a series of surprising instructions.

It’s often been said that Vince McMahon rarely sleeps and it’s even more rare to see him not working. Something Happy Corbin has explained that he found out it rather unusual circumstances.

Appearing on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Happy Corbin revealed that during his run as ‘Sad Corbin’ he received a text from McMahon at 2am ordering him to stop shaving and cutting his hair.

“I honestly believe that the sad Corbin wasn’t supposed to last as long as it did. I think it was supposed to be kind, from what I understand, it was kind of supposed to be a two-week thing of like, ‘You’re gonna lose the crown, you’re gonna get a little depressed,’ but like, it became very entertaining. I had a lot of fun because it was the polar opposite of anything I’ve done. I think that’s what is fun about this job for me is it doesn’t become monotonous when you continually evolve. That was just like, a hard left from anything I’d ever done. It was just this miserable guy with a dirty shirt.

The worst part was not being able to cut the hair or the beard. I get a text message at like 2 A.M. from Vince. It’s like, ‘Don’t shave or cut your hair’ and I’m going, okay, where’s this going. After like three weeks I’m going like, I got the Costanza hair going…

The best part is visiting schools for my daughter, like, my daughter’s two and a half, and I’m going in and my beard and hair, you can’t wear a hat into these places. So I look ridiculous. I have to apologize for how I look. It’s my job. They’re just like — because private schools are not cheap, and they’re judging me the second I walk in.”

After losing his crown to Shinsuke Nakamura in June, King Corbin became plain-old Baron Corbin once more. But as it transpired, things were going to get a lot worse before they got better for the former NXT Superstar.

Corbin began appearing in dirty clothes, descending further and further into financial ruin with every passing week. He lost his car, his house, and his wife left him taking their daughter with her. However, just when things were looking like there was no way back, Corbin’s luck changed one summer night in Las Vegas.

After being defeated by Big E at SummerSlam in Vegas, Corbin gambled his way to financial prosperity in the casinos of Sin City. On the following edition of SmackDown, he arrived in a Bentley, declaring that he would now be known as Happy Corbin.

Since winning his fortune, Happy Corbin has recruited a new side-kick in the shape of Madcap Moss, and in recent weeks the pair have become wrapped up in a feud with Drew McIntyre. This led to a segment between the trio on the latest episode of SmackDown, although the segment received something of a mixed reception, with Dutch Mantell branding it “the worst he’d ever seen.”

Madcap Moss is set to face McIntyre at WWE Day 1.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.