Hangman Adam Page Gives Critical Update On His AEW Status

Adam Page poses on AEW Dynamite 2022

Hangman Page made an in-person appearance on the January 4th, 2023 episode of AEW Dynamite to address his status. He was joined in the ring by Tony Schiavone, who didn’t mince words and straight up asked Page what his status was.

Adam Page said there was nothing more he wanted to say that he was good to go. But as of January 4th, 2023, he was not medically cleared to compete.

The fans booed this. He was told if he gets physical with Jon Moxley before getting cleared, that would set back his return date by at least one more week.

That said, Adam Page also noted that if he gets one more brain scan cleared, then AEW’s doctor would clear him to compete by next week’s Dynamite. Then he vowed to “knock Moxley’s d**k in the dirt.”

Adam Page to wrestle next week if he passes one more brain scan

In response, Moxley came to the ring and went face-to-face with Page. He said he was surprised Adam Page even made it tonight and was sick and tired of the candlelight vigil for Page. And after two audio botches, Moxley said he was sick over Page ‘playing victim’ over what happened two months ago.

Adam Page retaliated to this by correcting Moxley on his presumption that Page was made at Moxley for knocking him out. Page wasn’t mad at Moxley for that; he was angry for making a joke. Page suspected that Moxley did this because he felt threatened by Page. Page concluded by saying “I’ve had two in the chamber with your name on them for a while and you get them at the Forum”.

Moxley closed the promo by saying that Hangman doesn’t belong with him and the next time they face each other, Moxley will make sure he doesn’t get back up again.

This entire situation arose on October 18th during an AEW World Championship match when Jon Moxley hit a lariat and Hangman Page landed on his head. Page suffered a legitimate concussion from the impact and the match was stopped because of it.