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Hangman Adam Page Declares ‘National Cowboy Sh*t Day’

Hangman Adam Page

The new AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page will celebrate his first Dynamite as champion in his home state of Virginia and declared Wednesday ‘National Cowboy Sh*t Day.’

At Full Gear, Hangman Adam Page finally completed his odyssey that has been years in the making to become the new AEW World Champion. In an incredible main event, Page was able to put away his former tag team partner Kenny Omega with The Young Bucks helplessly looking on to claim the gold.

Hoisted high by his friends in The Dark Order to celebrate, the new champion looks to be ushering in the era of Cowboy Sh*t to AEW, and according to a statement issued by Page, that era begins on Wednesday in Norfolk, Virginia.

The full tongue-in-cheek statement from Hangman declared Wednesday, November 17th as ‘National Cowboy Sh*t Day.’ With celebrations promised for the new champion in front of his home state crowd.

Page goes on to promise to “increase his strength and cardiovascular training” as well as “study the vegan diet” to prepare for his first challenger, Bryan Danielson.

On the subject of challengers, Hangman Page says:

“As champion, Hangman Adam Page will welcome all other challengers as AEW sees fit, but please God don’t make him fight Wardlow and his big muscle t*ts again.”

With an eye to the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Hangman Page also promises to trade in his “gas-guzzling truck” for an electric vehicle which he promises to make look “badass with steer horns mounted on the front.”

Hangman Adam Page finishes his statement with a heartfelt thanks to the fans that stood by him and willed him on to become AEW Champion but rest assured, as the statement concludes, you won’t be hearing the champ on any podcasts anytime soon.