Hall of Famer Returns During AEW Dynamite

Arn Anderson on AEW Dynamite

It’s been a much rarer experience to see Arn Anderson on AEW television since his protege, Cody Rhodes, moved on from the company in February 2022.

However, that all changed during the 4/19 episode of AEW Dynamite, as Anderson made a surprise appearance to accompany Wardlow during his TNT Championship match against Powerhouse Hobbs. Since Hobbs has had QT Marshall and Harley Cameron by his side for the past month, Wardlow knew he needed some backup of his own. That’s when Anderson walked up to him backstage and explained how The Four Horsemen were one of the greatest factions of all time, and like they sought to do, Wardlow and Arn planned to “play chess” in the ring. It worked, too, as Wardlow captured his third TNT title tonight.

Arn Anderson pulled out the Glock in AEW

Anderson actually played an important role in the scenario; when Marshall slid into the ring and interfered in the match, Anderson climbed into the squared circle to confront him. That’s when Anderson pulled out his Glock (just a finger gun) in reference to the famous promo he once delivered. Marshall responded by backing out of the ring, but halfway up the ramp, he came face-to-face with The Lucha Bros. Naturally, he ran the opposite way back into the ring, but Anderson met him there with his signature DDT!

It’s unclear now, but one can assume that Anderson and Wardlow will be a packaged pair going forward. Anderson’s son, Brock Anderson, is also signed with AEW and typically competes on their YouTube shows, AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation.