“Hall Of Fame Worthy” Talent To Sign At AEW Revolution

AEW Revolution thumb

A big name is coming to AEW as Paul Wight revealed a “Hall Of Fame worthy” talent will sign their AEW contract at Revolution on March 7th!

On the March 3rd edition of Dynamite, Wight would make his first AEW appearance since signing with the company on February 24th. Tony Schiavone would hype up the upcoming debut of AEW Dark: Elevation alongside his commentary partner for the show before the former Big Show revealed that he had a big scoop for Revolution!

Wight would announce that a “Hall of Fame worthy talent” who will be a “huge surprise” will sign with the company at AEW Revolution!

“Just so you know that I’m taking my colour commentating job seriously Tony, you’re not the only one that gets the big scoops buddy. I have the biggest scoop ever! This Sunday at [Revolution], AEW is going to hire – put in contract – a Hall of Fame worthy talent that is a huge surprise and a huge asset to AEW.

Yeah, but listen: It’s not who you think. But this Sunday, you’re gonna find out who it is and I want you to know I knew who it was first. Tune in to find out who we get!”

Paul Wight shocked the wrestling world when it was announced he had signed with AEW earlier this month. Signed as both a wrestler and commentator, Wight will play the role of colour commentator on AEW’s latest show Dark: Elevation – set to debut on March 15th – alongside play-by-play commentator Tony Schiavone.

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