Hall Of Fame Duo Appear To Be Done With WWE

WWE Hall Of Fame logo over roster WWE Hall of Famer

It seems that fans shouldn’t expect to see The Bella Twins back on WWE television in the near future.

Nikki and Brie Bella have dropped the “Bella” name from their social media handles. The pair are now listed as @NikkiandBrie, while they will be known as the Garcia Twins. Garcia comes from their maiden name as the name “Bella” is owned by WWE.

They also appear to be relaunching their podcast under the title “The Nikki and Brie Show.”

Along with the changes the WWE Hall of Famers released a new video on Twitter where Nikki talks about moving onto the next chapter in their lives. Adding it’s about:

“owning who we are and being unapologetically us and fiercely walking through that open door.”

Despite the changes, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that as of this morning (March 14th) the pair are still listed internally with WWE. The new development has led to rumours that they might even go to work with AEW. Brie Bella is married to AEW star Bryan Danielson.

Nikki Bella Recently Critcised WWE

The Bella Twins had originally been advertised for the 30th-anniversary special of Monday Night Raw but didn’t end up appearing. However, in a video on Instagram, the pair later criticised the company for not showcasing enough respect for their biggest female performers.

Speaking on her podcast with sister Brie in the weeks after her comments, Nikki Bella said that she was the most hated person in the industry. Pointing to the criticism that had come her way for trying to support WWE’s female wrestlers.