Gunther Retains Intercontinental Championship With A Remarkable WrestleMania Win


Gunther has retained the Intercontinental Title in one of the most physical pure wrestling matches WrestleMania has seen in many years.

The Intercontinental Title wasn’t even defended at WrestleMania 38, but inside SoFi Stadium on April 2nd, Gunther, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus fought over the gold like their lives depended on it.

Come the final bell, all three men were wearing the scars of battle, each of their chests glowing red, and in Sheamus’ case, bleeding.

The capacity crowd was on their feet from start to finish, roaring their appreciation for the efforts of each Superstar. While the action was ferocious, it was Sheamus who scored the first serious near-fall of the contest, with Gunther barely surviving a Celtic Cross.

As the bout continued fans got more and more behind Sheamus, gasping in shock as McIntyre prevented him from pinning Gunther following a Brogue Kick. With the Celtic Warrior on the outside, McIntyre launched himself over the top rope but quickly found himself on the end of a Brogue Kick back in the ring. Sheamus collapsed on in rival, but somehow the Scottish star kicked out.

Moments later, roles were reversed as Sheamus refused to be pinned after a Claymore Kick.

The pair then brawled themselves back to their feet, with Sheamus hitting yet another Brogue Kick. However, with McIntyre staring down the barrel of defeat Gunther launched himself from the top rope to break up the pin. He followed that with a Powerbomb on Sheamus onto McIntyre, and another Powerbom on McIntyre to claim the hardest of hard-fought wins.

The victory extended Gunther’s remarkable reign to 297 days.

Gunther Was Penciled In For A Huge Match With Brock Lesnar

Heading into WrestleMania 39, Brock Lesnar was linked with matches with no less than five different opponents including former World Champions and WWE Hall of Famers.

Another name on that list was Gunther. A match fans have been clamouring for since their intense stare down at the Royal Rumble. However, it has been reported that those within WWE didn’t believe Gunther would be ready to face The Beast for another year.