Gunther Names His Dream Opponent In WWE

Gunther with the WWE Intercontinental Title

Gunther has one expected name on his dream list of opponents and one surprising name off of it.

The WWE Intercontinental Champion spoke with Sportskeeda and was asked about who is on his list for potential adversaries in the squared circle. One name he gave was Brock Lesnar, stating that The Beast was someone he has always looked up to.

“I always admired him for how he handles himself and his business and stuff. For me personally, I think he’s my biggest obstacle at some point in my career. So if there’s a chance that this happens, I would love to do that, of course.”

Gunther Doesn’t Consider One Name A Dream Opponent

One name that fans would imagine that would also be Gunther’s dream list is Roman Reigns. The two share strong similarities currently with the respective long title reigns, however, Gunther doesn’t consider The Tribal Chief a “dream opponent” although he does have an immense amount of respect for what he’s achieved in WWE.

“I think we’re two … completely different wrestlers. He’s obviously somebody that came up through, first of all, his family history. But then he … trained in the WWE system, and got brought up through that. I think he’s a picture-perfect example of how WWE can take someone and turn them into an absolute superstar.

“The aura he has, and the reaction he gets when he steps foot in an arena, is almost like never seen before.”

A name Gunther won’t have to dream about facing is Drew McIntyre as he’ll be squaring off against his fellow European at SummerSlam.

H/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.