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Grizzled Young Veterans Return To NXT

Grizzled Young Veterans Thumb

On Wednesday’s edition of NXT, the Grizzled Young Veterans – Zack Gibson and James Drake – made their triumphant return to the black and gold brand after a nine month absence.

As Ever-Rise hit the ring for their scheduled bout, the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions sprung out nowhere and while still suited and booted, laid waste to the duo in glorious fashion. Announcing their return in style, GYV dropped the duo with a sumptuous Ticket to Mayhem.

Were they finished there? Of course not. Zack Gibson hasn’t had a microphone in his hand for close to a year now and he had a lot to say.

In his usual braggadocios manner, Gibson proclaimed that the pair were here to stay and that they were soon to be recognised as the best tag team in NXT.

The return of the Grizzled Young Veterans is a welcome addition to NXT and it’s depleted tag team division. With only a handful of teams in a believable position to challenge for gold and make a true impact on the brand, their presence opens up several new avenues going forward.

Zack Gibson and James Drake haven’t been seen on NXT since February 26 when they defeated The Forgotten Sons. The pair had been stuck in the United Kingdom due to the travel ban imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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