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The Great O-Khan Bravely Saves Teenage Girl From “Drunk Pervert”

The Great O-Khan

New Japan star The Great O-Khan has been heralded for stepping in when a teenage girl was nearly the victim of abduction.

The Great O-Khan, who performs for New Japan Pro-Wrestling as a member of The United Empire, has received a letter of appreciation from the police after he stepped in during a train station incident to save a teenage girl from harm. The scene was said to have occurred on the evening of Tuesday, 29 March at the JR Musashi Kosugi Station in Kawasaki City.

As reported by Tokyo Sports, O-Khan was passing in front of the toilets at the station when he spotted the teenager was about to be taken away by an inebriated man, who had grabbed her by the shoulders. Noticing the girl was in danger, the former RevPro British Tag Team Champion intervened to stop the crisis from escalating, all while the girl’s mother was in the bathroom.

The Great O-Khan subsequently offered pancakes to the terrified girl, before insisting that all he wished for in return was for them to check out New Japan. With regards to the letter of appreciation he received, O-Khan has stated this to be more prestigious than any championship he could ever win (h/t Tokyo Sports):

“I wouldn’t be a person who would normally give my name, and I wouldn’t receive it, but I thought that if I received it, I would spread the awareness of crime prevention, so I decided to ask for it. It would be more valuable than a championship belt.”

The Great O-Khan would begin his training at the NJPW Dojo under the name of Tomoyuki Oka, adopting the Great O-Khan moniker upon his excursion to the United Kingdom. In October 2020, he returned to New Japan, aiding Will Ospreay in defeating Kazuchika Okada as he, Ospreay, and Bea Priestley – now wrestling as Blair Davenport in NXT UK – began The United Empire faction.