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Grayson Waller Files Restraining Order Against LA Knight, New Superstar Debuts As Enforcer

Grayson Waller LA Knight

Grayson Waller thought he’d foiled LA Knight’s attempts at retribution, but LA Knight was one step ahead and brought back Dexter Lumis back to even the score – until Waller revealed he had an enforcer of his own!

After returning last week at the behest of AJ Styles, LA Knight opened NXT 2.0 seeking retribution against Grayson Waller, who’d attacked him on the December 14th episode of NXT, writing him off television for nearly a month.

As LA Knight called out the brash young star, Grayson Waller appeared on the ramp and revealed that he’d filed a restraining order against Knight, believing he’d outsmarted his rival. However, Knight had a plan of his own and said that while he was unable to lay a finger on Waller, he knew someone who could. This brought out a returning Dexter Lumis, who appeared from under the ring and crawled toward Waller as LA Knight said the young star had to make a choice as to who would beat him up.

The show came back from an ad break to show Lumis and Waller in a match already in progress, and the two fought a back and forth battle. At one point, Lumis attempted to lock in the Silence on his opponent but got run into the announce table for his trouble. As Lumis was recovering outside the ring, a huge new Superstar grabbed him and threw him into the ring post out of sight of the referee.

The attack allowed Waller to hit his finisher on Lumis for the win, and after the victory was declared, he posed with his new enforcer in the ring and bragged about having an insurance policy of his own as the commentary team wondered aloud who the attacker was.

The identity of the mystery man is none other than Saurav Gurjar, one half of the former NXT tag team Indus Sher alongside Veer Mahaan before the latter began his most recent journey to Monday Night Raw. Indus Sher were the first clients of Malcolm Bivens on NXT TV and appeared for the promotion in 2020 before Veer’s first call up to the Raw Brand alongside Jinder Mahal and Shanky in early 2021.

It remains to be seen whether the Indian Superstar will be given a new name and identity in this new role.