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Goldberg Claims There’s Still Resentment In WWE Over WCW Stint

Goldberg WCW Champion

Goldberg believes that there is still some resentment within WWE towards him due to his hugely successful spell in WCW.

By the time that Goldberg arrived in a WWE ring in March 2003, he did so after becoming one of the biggest stars in the world while appearing for WCW.

It has long been said that former WCW stars were not always afforded top billing in WWE owing to their success with their former employer. Many fans point to Sting being defeated by Triple H at WrestleMania and Diamond Dallas Page being soundly beaten by The Undertaker shortly after debuting, as evidence of this mentality.

Speaking during a new interview with Dr. Beau Hightower, Goldberg opened up about his own experience of being a former WCW star in WWE.

The former World Champion said he always felt that some resentment existed, and still remains to this day.

“I always felt that too,” said Goldberg. “And I still believe there’s a tiny bit of that in the back of everybody’s mind because I did work for the competitor during those Monday Night War battles. But I think what has made me successful and also made me hated is the thing that is the determining factor. I was the Mike Tyson of wrestling. My goal was to be something completely different. Black tights, black shoes, I didn’t frickin’ talk for six months. I just squished motherf**kers.”

During the conversation, Goldberg opened up about his character, and how he wanted to be different from anyone else.

“I didn’t want to be the chain wrestler, I didn’t want to emulate anybody. Now granted, the Road Warriors and Nikita Koloff and Brody were extremely influential to me. You know, Hawk was extremely influential to me. So I took little aspects of what they did and I applied it to my idea of the character. I had MMA moves, a lot of them in the beginning.”

Goldberg was most recently in action at Elimination Chamber where he was defeated by Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The match was the WWE Hall of Famer’s last bout on his current contract meaning that he is now a free agent.

Speaking ahead of the event, Goldberg admitted that he was unsure over his future, but didn’t want to take someone else’s spot.

H/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcription.