Goldberg Recounts Curt Hennig Making The NWO Vomit

Curt Hennig Thumb

Bill Goldberg has recounted a story of the time notorious prankster, Curt Hennig, made the members of the NWO vomit under the ring with the consumption of fifteen boiled eggs.

Throughout professional wrestling history there have been countless famous jokers behind the scenes. The tales of the late, great Owen Hart phoning hotel rooms pretending to be someone official or The British Bulldog stealing wrestler’s towels and ring attire when they were in the shower are legendary.

However, another of the industry’s great pranksters was Mr. Perfect himself, Curt Hennig. From plying an unsuspecting Yokozuna with laxative right before a flight knowing the bathrooms on the plane wouldn’t accommodate his size, to shaving off a sleeping Sean Waltman’s eyebrow on a road trip and blaming it on The Smoking Gunns, to convincing the WCW locker room to not slam anyone on the spot in the ring where Owen Hart passed away in the Kemper arena because of a faux curse, Hennig was famous for his tricks.

Now, Goldberg has sat down with Corey Graves on After The Bell in order to relate one of the star’s lesser known hilarities, making the NWO throw-up under the ring in WCW:

“Ok Hennig. The NWO, the NWO had to hide under the ring for three hours because they weren’t coming out until the end of the show. So you have all the particulars. You have all the NWO members under the ring, except for Hogan, so Hennig eats about fifteen hard-boiled eggs before he goes under so I can only tell you that since this is a PG rated show, you have to let your mind continue the story because I will just say there was a bucket under there and everyone other than Hennig pretty much used it not to go to the bathroom but throw up. So I can’t give you anymore details, but I’m telling you, those guys were crazy.”

Curt Henning joined the New World Order at WCW Fall Brawl 1997 after betraying Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen. Prior to the bout, the perfect athlete was said to have been attacked backstage and only appeared part-way through with his arm in a sling.

With the other Horsemen handcuffed to the WarGames cage by the NWO, Hennig appeared to help his stablemates but then slammed the cage door on Ric Flair’s head in a shocking heel turn.

Credit for the interview: After the Bell