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Goldberg On “Advantage” Of Crossover Stars – “Anyone Who Tells Me Different Is A Moron”


Goldberg has opened up about the advantage of switching from competitive sports to the squared circle – saying, “Anyone who would tell me differently is a moron.

Speaking ahead of the Royal Rumble with WWE UK, the two-time WWE Universal Champion was asked of whether there’s an advantage of coming into the wrestling industry from professional football, mixed martial arts, Olympic powerlifting, rugby, and other competitive sports.

“A thousand percent, yes. There is no question that it gives you an edge. Whether it be on the mic or athletically performing your craft, your new found craft. You have quite obviously a physical advantage depending on where you are coming from. You wouldn’t have been tabbed a ‘professional athlete’ if not.

Goldberg would make the switch to professional wrestling after his NFL career was cut short due to injury having played 14 games. Several other stars have switched the gridiron for the squared circle – such as Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar – while the latter also seemingly sparked an influx of mixed martial arts fighters to the industry.

The WWE Hall of Famer would say you “cannot fake it” as a professional athlete, and discuss the advantages of dealing with the media.

“You cannot get by faking it as a professional athlete. It does not work like that. You are always asked to perform a job and if you do not do it you do not cut it. Also you learn how to deal with the media. You have the ability to deal with any situation. Playing in the NFL you were on live tv. You do have an advantage, there is no question about it. Anybody who would tell me any differently is a moron.”

When asked which stars in particular could make it as a WWE Superstar, though, Goldberg remained coy – but pointed to American football, where he had previously made a name for himself.

“You know there are many out there I think that could cross over. Do they want to? I think the ones that could do it have never been brought up in the conversation. I think professional [American] football players are the number one hotbed of talent to make the transition. I really do. I say that not as an ex professional football player but I say that as a realist. Knowing what they go through, knowing their work ethic, knowing their attention to detail, their savvy with PR. Rugby might be the next one in line. “

Goldberg takes on WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble this Sunday live on the WWE Network.